Folded Hand Towel Paper Dispensers

Functional design to accommodate different type of folded hand towel paper for all washrooms and kitchens
Standard key lock designed to keep towels paper clean, dry and germ free
No mechanism, maintenance-free
High impact ABS plastic prevent vandalism
Allows quick and easy loading of hand towel paper

Product Code: Art 7600

W: 260mm D: 115mm H: 260 mm

Hand Towel Paper Dispensers

Product Code: Art 1435

W: 289mm D: 115mm H: 385 mm

Hand Towel Paper Dispensers

Product Code: Art 1431

W: 272mm D: 135mm H: 372 mm

Hand Towel Paper Dispensers

Paper Towel Refills

A range of high quality hand towel paper
All with impress embossed
Choice of pure pulp or recycled paper
Highly absorbent; dries wet hands fast

N-fold Hand Towel Paper

1400 (16 packet x 250 sheet /carton; pulp paper)
1400B (16 packet x 250 sheet /carton; recycled paper)

L-fold (V-fold) Hand Towel Paper

1405 (40 packet x 150 sheet /carton; pulp paper)

Folded Hand Towel Paper