Our Services

Everyday, hundreds of buildings in Singapore rely on Rental Hygiene for their washroom hygiene care.

Air Freshener Hygiene Service

Rental air fresheners neutralise malodours and add a nice fragrance to the environment. For a cleaner, hygienic and fresher environment.

Urinal Sanitizing Hygiene Service

Combat odour-causing bacteria in urinal surface, WC pans and pipes where normal cleaning cannot reach. Keeping the washroom hygienic and pleasant.

Feminine Sanitary Hygiene Service

Rental provides a safe and reliable sanitary disposal service for your washrooms. Makes washrooms comfortable and convenient for ladies.

Dust Control Mat Service

Stop dust from entering your premises. Our service ensures your entrances and lobbies are laid with freshly-laundered mats on a regular basis.

Ambient Scenting Service

Rental provides a reliable and luxurious scenting service for your washrooms or area. Makes your area smells great!