About Rental

Established in 2002, Rental has been developing and providing total hygiene systems since its establishment. We strive to safeguard public health by creating comprehensive lines of washroom equipment to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of washrooms serving the general public.

Rental Hygiene has distinguished itself as a service-orientated company which focuses on customers’ needs. We ensure a transparent structure within our organization, whereby account management, development and production work teams closely together. This ensures our capability to respond quickly to changes in the customers’ requirements.

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Our Services

Air Freshener Hygiene Service

Rental air fresheners neutralise malodours and add a nice fragrance to the environment. It results a clean, hygienic and fresher environment for the general public and customers.

Urinal Sanitizing Hygiene Service

Rental’s urinal sanitizing service helps to tackle stubborn odour-causing bacteria in urinal surface and WC pans as well as pipe where normal cleaning cannot reach, keeping the washroom fresh and hygienic.

Feminine Sanitary Hygiene Service

Rental offers a safe and reliable sanitary disposal service for your feminine sanitary hygiene needs, raising the hygiene standards of your washroom as well as results in the comfort and convenience of the user.

Dust Control Mat Service

Rental offers a wide range of superior quality dust control for different locations and entrances. Our service includes picks up and exchanges with freshly laundered mats on a regular basis.

Ambient Scenting Service

Rental provides a reliable and luxurious scenting service for your washrooms or area. Makes your area smells great!